Ubud Sightseeing - 1 Day

The beauty of nature and the thick culture of Ubud is indeed a shame you miss when you’re visiting the island of Bali. stretches of terraced rice fields, the natural beauty of the waterfalls that are scattered around the Ubud region, the temples that have existed for centuries BC amazed the tourists who visited.


1. Monkey Forest
Mandala Suci Wenara Wana, or well known as Monkey Forest Ubud, is the sanctuary and natural habitat of the
Balinese long-tailed Monkey, scientific name Macaca fascicularis. It is located at Padangtegal Ubud, Bali. About
749 monkeys live in this sanctuary.
2. Ubud Royal Palace
The Ubud Palace, officially Puri Saren Agung, is a historical building complex situated in Ubud, Gianyar Regency
of Bali, Indonesia. The palace was the official residence of the royal family of Ubud.
3. Tegalalang Rice Terrace
The Tegallalang Rice Terraces in Ubud are famous for their beautiful scenes of rice paddies and their innovative
irrigation system, known as the subak.
4. Bali Giant Swing
A giant swing that overlooks a view of rice fields or forests, and is favored by photography hunters, or the
cool name of Instagram spot photography.
5. Luwak Coffee
Kopi luwak, or civet coffee, is coffee that includes partially digested coffee cherries, eaten and defecated by
the Asian palm civet. Fermentation occurs as the cherries pass through a civet’s intestines, and after being
defecated with other fecal matter, they are collected. Kopi luwak is produced mainly on the Indonesian islands
of Sumatra, Java, Bali and Sulawesi, and in East Timor. It is also widely gathered in the forest or produced in
farms in the islands of the Philippines.
Although kopi luwak is a form of processing rather than a variety of coffee, it has been called one of the most
expensive coffees in the world, with retail prices reaching €550 / US$700 per kilogram. In Bali you can try for
a cup of coffee is less than $5.
6. Tirta Empul Holy Water Temple
is a Hindu Balinese water temple located near the town of Tampaksiring, Bali, Indonesia. The temple compound
consists of a petirtaan or bathing structure, famous for its holy spring water, where Balinese Hindus go to for
ritual purification.
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Ubud Sightseeing
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